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Most Embarasing Moments!

What is your most embarasing moment?? Well tell us because we wanna no! Here are a few stories we got in the mail yestaday...

Shower break in

Ok, well I’m 14 and I was at my friends house spending the night and his parents were out of town so his sister in college was watching us and she had sum friends over. Well I went to go take a shower and my friend picked the lock with this comb! I had no clue he was in there till I got out. So when I got out all my clothes and towels and everything was gone! I was like OMG! So I was there completely naked wondering how I was going to get to his room which was all the way on the other side of the house. So I peeked my head out of the bathroom and nobody was there so I walked out real quiet and peeked my head down the hall where his sister's room was. She wasn’t in there so I ran down the hall and when I got to the end she comes around the corner and we run into each other and both go down and when I fell. It was in the opening at the end of the hall with his sister on top of me so she is cracking up and I looked over and all of her friends from her college were in there laughing so hard. So I got up to go to my friends room where my clothes were and he wouldn’t let me in so his sisters friends grabbed my arms and pulled me back and set me in the chair. I was butt naked covering myself and then he finally let me in! It was s embarrassing.

Oh My God

This one time I was at school and I was in the locker room. I only had my towel on, because I had just gotten out of the shower. Suddenly these girls pushed me out into the hallway and grabbed my towel from me. Lots of people were in the hallway and when I ran back into the dressing room I noticed they took my clothes too. OMG!! I had to wait for my best friend to come in looking for me. She got me a clean towel. We went to the principles office, and the girls got detention. I had to wear sticky clothes from the lost and found box, the rest of the day. EWW! EWW! EWW!

Nice panties?
My big brother is in the marines and is currently in Iraq. I write to him at least twice a week. He asked me to find some friends to write to his squad members. So about eight of us started pen paling with them. We decided to send some pictures of ourselves. After we took individual one we wanted to send one as a group.
  About two weeks later I got a letter saying thanks for the picture and nice panties. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. I developed the negatives and was shocked. My friend had taken the group picture just as I was crossing my legs. The skirt I was wearing was kind of short so you could see between my legs and had a full view of my panties. Knowing how guys are, everybody has probably seen the picture. This wasn't how I wanted to help boost the troop’s morale.

Welcome to college life
I graduated high school and will be a freshman in college this fall. So when I got a chance to hang out with some college age people I jumped at it. I was invited to a pool party at someone’s house. People were chilling, playing frisbee and swimming. I laid down on a lawn chair to get some sun. I untied my bikini top so not to have a tan line. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke some one had tied my strings together under the chair. While I as trying to untie my top, one of the guys untied my bottoms and took them completely off! I was horrified. No one had ever done anything like that to me. The worst thing anyone did to me in high school was lifting up my skirt. A couple of the guys started tickling my feet and slapping my butt in hopes I would get up and run to the house.  Eventually that’s what I had to do. Every one was laughing it up as I streaked across the yard into the house. I was so angry I cried on the way to my apartment. One girl who was at the party called me to say she was sorry that had happen to me but to get over it. It happens to everyone eventually. Welcome to college life. I am going to face them eventually, but now I want to go hide.

The curse!
About three years ago I was at a bowling tournament and I was bowling on the same lane with my crush. We were talking for the whole time and during the last game he pulled me on his lap and started tickling me and I just couldn't stop laughing. I kept feeling this strange thing, like I was peeing my pants or something, but I wasn't. When I went up for my turn to bowl, him and I both saw a huge red dot on my pants and on his beige pants. I had got the curse. I was so embarrassed that I could not finish the game. Now whenever I see him he tells me to keep the red pen out of my back pocket and starts to laugh.

He had it coming
My 16 year old little brother has been on a tear lately. In the last 2 weeks he has lifted the skirt of one of my friends at the mall in front of everyone, he untied the bikini top of another of my friends at the pool. The other day he took a picture of me on the toilet. Well this past weekend my mom said I could have some friends sleep over. Two of the girls were the ones he had terrorized. We decided he needed to be taught a lesson. I knew he was sleep so we got a couple of cans of silly string and our pillows. We opened his door, yanked off the covers and sprayed him with the silly string and hit him with our pillows. There were 5 of us and he’s not that big so he didn't stand a chance. He did manage to get off his bed and ran down the hall to the living room. We chased him and kept hitting him. Then one of my friends yanked his boxers down to his ankles. He tried to pull them back up but got knocked down. One of the girls sat on him while the others slapped his butt. I know I wanted to teach him a lesson but seeing him laying there naked made me feel sorry for him (he still is my brother). I started calling the girls off when he made an unkind comment to us. So I suggested we pick him up and throw him out the front door. I was kidding but next thing I know, they had him up and were heading for the door. So I opened it, grabbed a leg and we dumped him in the front yard. I have never laughed so hard watching him going crazy trying to get back in the house. My mom pulled in to the driveway so we all acted like we were watching TV. She had just walked in when he knocked at the door. My mom asked what he was doing outside naked and to get in here. He didn't want to because we were all there. My mom reached out and grabbed his ear and pulled him in. My brother’s face was as red as his butt we had beat.  I don't think my realized that she was yelling at him while he was naked in front of 5 girls. It was hilarious. We confessed what we did to my mom and she thought it was kind of funny but told me never to put anyone out side naked like that. She also agreed he had it coming.  

A Souvenir
One time I wet my pants at a friend’s house because he tickled me to death. I was really embarrassed. I was staying for the night so they had to wash my clothes. It was late when this happened. Like 10 minutes before we were going to sleep. I didn't pack anything because I was only staying for one night and I sleep in my boxers so there is no need for pj's. All my clothes except my shirt were in the washing machine. I didn't want to sleep naked because I would be completely exposed. The guy only wears thongs so I had to where one of his and a pair of his flannel pants. (I hate going commando) When we finally went to sleep he fell asleep first. It was during the summer and it was hot in his room so I took off the pants because they were flannel and they get really warm. I also took off my shirt. I got out of my sleeping bag to cool off and fell asleep on top of it only in the thong. In the morning when I woke up him and his sisters were laughing at me because they saw wearing only a thong. His sister is 18 and she is really hot. She saw me and I was so red. I thought I was going to die. The guy took pictures of me while I was sleeping and kept them as a "souvenir". I am never going to where a thong again!!!

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